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Wikipedia APK [Download] for Android

Wikipedia APK for Android

If you are looking for a free application for Android, you should check out Wikipedia APK. It offers a number of useful features, including the ability to browse articles and search in your preferred language.

Download Wikipedia APK

It’s also very easy to use and broken down into different tabs, including Explore, My Lists, Search, Edits, and WikiMaster. It also has a reading list, letting you save articles to read later.

Features of Wikipedia APK

Aside from providing an excellent source of free knowledge, Wikipedia APK for Android offers the convenience of a single app. This massive online encyclopedia is constantly updated by its users and has a handy search feature.

It supports more than 300 languages, is free to download, and has many useful features. Users will also appreciate the navigation menu and emojis. Lastly, the app allows users to save articles for future reference.

The app also offers support for multiple languages and has zero-rated data for emerging economies. Moreover, it lets you edit Wikitext on the go and enjoy the convenience of a full-text search.

In addition, it also features Nearby, which allows users to browse articles related to the area where they are. It also features a Full-text search for enhanced results, and Page issues, which displays information about article strengths and weaknesses.

Search in your native language

There are some notable benefits of the Wikipedia APK for Android. This app supports multiple languages, zero-rated data in developing and emerging economies, Wikitext editing on the go, a Nearby feature to search articles related to things near you,

A Full-text search that improves search results, and Page issues that display information about article strengths and weaknesses. The best thing about Wikipedia is that it is completely free! If you want to enjoy the app in your own language, you should download the app now.

The Wikipedia APK for Android has been redesigned to provide more interesting content. The team at Wikimedia Mobile Apps redesigned the home screen and explore feed to display recommended images and articles that relate to your reading habits. The articles are listed according to your past usage history.

You can also save articles you like and read offline later. The app supports almost 300 languages. It is available in English, Chinese, Japanese, German, and Japanese.

Ability to browse in your native language

Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that you can browse in your native language for free. Its developers aim to translate as many languages as possible, and it has hundreds of thousands of articles in more than 280 languages.

English has about 4,5 million articles, while Tibetan has a mere 6000. Whether you’re a casual reader or a Wikipedia editor, browsing the site in your native language can help you brush up on your language skills. To do so, visit the List of Wikipedias and choose the language you’d like to browse in.

The language setting you choose for Wikipedia has an effect on the messages that appear in the user interface, but not on the content of articles. When you browse the English version, you’ll find a number of customized interface messages, such as links to relevant processes and policies.

Editors discourage users from selecting foreign languages, but this doesn’t mean they don’t exist. While it’s tempting to switch to a different language, it might not be the best choice.

WikiMaster game app

If you’re looking for a great quiz game, try WikiMaster for Android. This game app lets you take quizzes based on any Wikipedia article. Whether you’re interested in learning trivia or advancing your knowledge, this game app is perfect for you. The application is free for all users and features no ads.

You can also challenge friends in local and global competitions. And because it’s part of the Knowledge Network, you can even chat with them!

You can download MemuPlay to install WikiMaster-Quiz to Wikipedia on your Android device. Install the emulator and open it up. The emulator’s main interface looks like an Android device. Log in with your Gmail account.

Then, open the WikiMaster game app from the play store. After a few seconds, you’ll be ready to play. And that’s it! There are no complicated tutorials required!

Easy to use

If you’re interested in learning about anything, Wikipedia is the place to go. The app is a fun and simple way to get the information you’re looking for. Users can edit articles and contribute to the database of information.

This app has over 40 million articles in nearly 300 languages. You can even customize the app’s look and feel. Once you download the app, you’ll have instant access to information from Wikipedia.

The app has a simple, distraction-free interface, allowing you to read articles without being interrupted by advertisements. You can customize the font size and color, or change the theme to suit your preferences.

The app also offers recommended content, free photos, and suggestions based on your reading history. There’s even a search bar that lets you search by emoji or voice. It’s free, works offline, and is 100% open source.