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Data Recovery Services APK [Latest] v1.2.0 – For Android

Data Recovery Services APK:

ACE Data Recovery Incorporated with industry-leading Data Recovery Software and hardware.

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Data Recovery Services for Android smartphones and tablets is developing new technologies to recover lost data from Android devices.

Which consists of both hardware and software tools based on the latest generation of in-house developed open source software and high-performance hardware.

The Data Recovery Services for Android provide the highest quality recovery solution. Advanced-Data Recovery Services for Android work by scanning the device with the help of a data dictionary.

It then performs the data extraction process by scanning all problematic parts of the device starting from the file system, data partitions, and system keys, to ensure no matter what deleted data is recovered.

Check for stored files:

It then checks if the stored files and important data are still intact. If any of them is damaged or corrupted, it tries to fix them automatically by using third-party software. If these are successfully fixed, the Data Recovery Services for Android saves the modified state of the system.

It can also fix any problem related to bootloaders and/or the internal memory of your devices. In case, any of the tools detect any wrong entries in internal memory, it uses repair tools to fix these.

Apart from Data Recovery Services for Android Smartphones, iPad also faces similar issues such as data loss, internal memory damage, water damage, etc.

Compatibles for

iPad deals with various issues including accidental breakage, soft skin damage, cracks in the screen, and so on.For iPad repair, many companies provide Data Recovery Services for iPad.

But the repairing process of an iPad depends upon various factors like – location of damage, type of damage, cause of damage, and so on. For instance, a damaged LCD display will require special attention because of water damage.

Soft skin will require a different method of softening, softened internal memory will need different repairing tools, and so on. You can seek Data Recovery Services for iPad through professionals who know the best about it.


While many companies provide Data Recovery Services for Android and iPhone through online services, many people choose to get their data back with professional help. The main reason people seek professional help is to get their mobile phones. Back is that they don’t know how to handle them or simply do not have enough knowledge to repair them themselves.

Nowadays, there are lots of websites that offer iPhone and iPad repair tutorials on YouTube. So, you can learn how to do it yourself and save money. If you have been facing problems with your tablet because of unexpected faults.

For instance hard drive damage, camera damage, memory damage, video card damage, power issues, camera death, or other reasons. You can get your device back without much hassle by hiring expert professionals.

Even if your device has experienced major damage. All you have to do is to provide the specifications of your tablet along with your phone’s IMEI number. And you will be able to find a professional who provides Data Recovery Services for Android and iPhone.

These professionals also know which part of your device needs to be repaired. So that you don’t have to buy another broken tablet after having found the right professional.

Nowadays, most people are opting for Data Recovery Services for iPhones and iPad as getting data back from these devices is much easier than the older models. However, if your tablet has fallen prey to hardware faults.

Like hard drive damage & camera death, there are certain precautions that you need to follow. You can also contact any of the companies that offer Data Recovery Services for Android and iPhone.

They will be able to assist you with any problems related to your tablets. And gives you good references so that you are assured of the quality of services