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Twitter APK [Download] for Android


Twitter APK is one of the best global application by using this APK you can keep your self updated. Because when ever something happens in this world you can watch all the news here in Twitter.

Download Twitter APK

So if you are a social worker and you want to keep your self updated with world latest affairs and news then go and download this APK , We have mentioned the download link just 2 lines upper and keep your self update with all kind of new and latest news.

What is twitter APK:

First of all before downloading or installing this APK we have to know what is this APK, And how it has working. Twitter APK means you can considered this APK one of the best application to keep your self updated with world.

Because we all know when ever something big happens it will appears on twitter first after that we can see the same news in Tv channel or other social application. Because the politicians, film Star, Footballers, Cricketers, or remaining all the famous personalities are using twitter personally. And when ever they have any kind of  information or any order for people then they actually put a Tweet on their account.

And we are reading their tweets not just only reading the tweets. We have option to retweet on their tweets by this process we can keep your self update from any kind of information in world wide range.

Uses of Twitter APK:

Here are the some uses of this APK

  • You can watch live streaming
  • And can visit the profile of your favorite person
  • You can customize your profile with photos
  • Relive the memory by scrolling down the older tweets
  • You can chat with your friends privately and can make groups
  • Make something trending by a single click on your phone
  • Everyone can tweet their review about the trending tweet

Compatible with Android devices:

This APK is compatible with all kind of Android devices. iOS users and other device users can download it from their phone store like, iOS users can download it from Apple store. But here only Android users can download it.

It is compatible with almost all the latest versions of Android operating system. Twitter allows you to discover new interesting people and also build a following option who are interesting in you.


Twitter APK is free for Android users, to download and a safe application to use. But there is one thing to remind and that is to download this APK you have to keep some storage free. Because it requires almost 44 MBs of you phone storage to download on your phone. It has rating 4.3 on Google Play Store.