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JioTV XDA APK 7.0.7 Download Latest for Android


JioTV XDA APKĀ  for Android is an advanced internet TV software solution offering a high-definition digital television service to mobile users.

Download XDA JioTV APK

JioTV technology offers a feature-rich, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface for any device with an Internet connection.

JioTV is a free download available from Jio. You do not need to go to any other website or app store you can easily download this APK from here on our website just click on the download link.


You might have noticed that the interface of Jio TV XDA APK is not that exciting, but this is just the way it is. It does not have fancy features, and yet it is free to use.

You can watch hundreds of great channels, including movies, shows, and educational programs. Jio TV also allows you to download content and watch it later.

This application has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to use for first-time users and those who want to get more out of Jio TV than its current features.

You don’t need to be an expert in programming to enjoy Jio TV. The interface is simple and bright, and the menus are organized nicely.

Unlike many other applications, the colors used here are not damaging to the eyes. You can easily access the trending displays and the news tabs.

You can pause, rewind, and rewind the television display, and you can enjoy the best in HD quality.

How to cast?

How to cast JioTV On TV. JioTV for Android and download can be cast live TV on any smartphone by using Air video or VGA video capture.

There are several modes available for the user to choose which ones best suits their need. JioTV for Android has many features like recording live TV, controlling the TV volume, switching languages, and even switching on airplane mode.

The interface is very simple, making it a popular choice among the young audience. JioTV for Android has a wide content library that can be updated regularly.

JioTV and can also be installed as a stand-alone application that gives complete control over the television.

The JioTV for Android can be used as a portable application, which can be placed in a handbag or purse. So, JioTV for Android is a perfect entertainment option for travelers.

JioTV for PC or Mac:

This APK JioTV for PC or Mac can be connected to the PC or Mac using the Ethernet cable. One can easily transfer large media files like videos, music, photographs, and so on.

The PC or Mac user can also control the television through remote control. This TV Tuner can be connected to the power supply of the television set by plugging the cable into the TV set or a USB port.

In this way, one can enjoy watching television irrespective of where he or she goes.

JioTV Android APK:

Free JioTV for Android APK download is also available on the internet. It is a simple and easy process as it does not require one to install anything on the computer or on the phone.

One just needs to download Jio TV’s free software on the phone. It runs on the phones seamlessly. Jio TV for android is free from any charges.

So, You can easily download jio TV free on Android phones. One can also view and download Jio’s newest channel offerings, TV shows, movies, music, and more.

These channels are entirely free of cost and are available to all Jio TV subscribers. Jio TV also offers an entire library of Indian TV shows in English and Arabic languages for the Asian audience.

Launch Date:

To celebrate the launch of Jio TV, Its brand ambassador Manish Malhotra took up a special promotional tour in New Delhi.

He was busy signing autographs for the fans and signing photos with them. One could clearly see Its JioTV app on the mobiles of these youngsters.

Jio TV has crossed the geographical and social boundaries of different countries and is enjoying huge popularity among its users.

Apart from its amazingly cheap subscription and free mobile service, Jio TV has provided a memorable experience for its users.

For instance, also check whether your tv supported jio TV or not before subscribing the Jio TV

After all, it is your responsibility to make sure that your app is free of viruses, spyware, and other malicious elements.

Download link:

The latest JioTV XDA APK is here to get free on your Android. Feel free to download the latest JioTV APK from here.