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Poco Launcher APK – Download for Android

POCO Launcher APK For Android

POCO Launcher APK is an extremely lightweight and customizable android launcher, specifically designed for Xiaomi devices.

Download Poco Launcher APK

This launcher gives you complete control over every aspect of the user interface, including customization of app icons, themes, wallpaper, and animations.

You can also adjust the transparency of the app drawer and use grouping to organize your apps. The app drawer can also be resized to fit your screen without cluttering your home screen.

MiUI Poco Launcher

The Xiaomi Poco Launcher is an Android launcher that has been designed specifically for the Pocophone sub-brand.

The app allows users to customize almost everything, from the app icons to the wallpaper and animations. It also includes an improved theme switcher and allows users to adjust the transparency of the app drawer.

The UI is simple and clean but offers many customization options. Download the MIUI Poco Launcher APK now for your Android device to enjoy the latest features.

The POCO Launcher for Android organizes your home screen in a clean and neat manner. The user can easily find apps that they want to access without using the Google Play Store.

The app also offers a quick search, which is incredibly useful if you’re in a hurry. The Poco Launcher for Android is compatible with the MiUI v5.0 operating system, so it should be easy to install.

Customizable interface

Changing the interface on your phone has never been easier, thanks to POCO Launcher 2.0.

You can customize your home screen and settings with ease and change the look of the notification bar as well. With this application, you can completely change the look of your Android phone.

It is also very simple to install and use, so it’s a great option for those looking to customize their phones.

Before downloading the APK, ensure that you’re running Android 4.0, 5.0, or 27M.

Make sure you uninstall the game Minecraft first, as it will interfere with the installation of the Poco Launcher. Then, you need to grant permission to install third-party applications from untrusted sources.

This process should take only a few minutes. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to go.

Faster response time than other web apps

POCO Launcher APK for Android features a speedy response time and an advanced search option. It also allows you to hide applications within the launcher.

You can change the default color scheme for each application by going into the settings menu and selecting “Group apps by color”.

Users who use this launcher have noticed that their phone’s response time is faster than other web apps.

This is not surprising since the app is optimized to work faster and more efficiently on Android devices. The new update includes several improvements, optimizations, and bug fixes.

It also adheres to the Material Design philosophy, which means it keeps your Home screen clean and easy to navigate.

The app has a convenient search function and lets you search for apps and categories with ease.


The POCO Launcher APK has many benefits, including a simplified user interface, color-coded app shortcuts, and a rounded search bar.

This launcher also supports the latest Android version, including dark mode. Moreover, this UI is optimized for high speed and does not require any lengthy system animations.

Therefore, it is a great choice for users who want to make the most of their phone’s performance.

The app drawer is another major benefit of the Poco Launcher APK. Instead of using a separate icon for the app drawer, it automatically organizes apps by color and category.

You can access these categories by going into the launcher’s settings. Simply toggle on the “Group icons by color” toggle to access these categories.

You can also add your own categories. Once you have created a category, you can browse through your apps easily.