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Nova Launcher APK [Download] for Android

Nova Launcher APK For Android

There are many great features of Nova Launcher APK for Android. Customization options are endless.

Download Nova Launcher APKĀ 

Themes, Widgets, and the ability to hide apps are just some of the things that make this app unique. We will discuss some of these features in this Nova Launcher APK review.

There is also a MOD version of Nova Launcher that allows you to use the paid features of this application. Let us take a look!

Customization options

The customization options in Nova Launcher are vast. You can change icons, use multiple colors, and even turn the home screen into an animated one. You can even use Google voice search right from your home screen.

The new application lets you access Google features without opening individual applications. And if you’re looking for a new launcher for your Android phone, Nova Launcher is worth a try. Here’s how to get started.

The Nova Launcher home screen is similar to that of the stock Android home screen but offers some customization options. Change your wallpaper and insert widgets.

You can even access the settings menu with a long press. It also includes a home screen selector button, which reassigns your home screen to the current screen you’re using. If you don’t like this feature, you can always switch back to the stock Android launcher.


The Nova Launcher APK for Android features themes for different applications. Users can easily customize their smartphones by applying different themes.

These themes allow users to customize the way their apps look, and they come in different styles, from minimalist to colorful. You can also change the icons to fit the theme.

There are various settings that you can change to customize your launcher, and you can also adjust their size. This will make your device look different than others.

If you are tired of the same old home screen, you can customize the Nova Launcher with various colors and icons. The icons can also be changed and you can even make some of your applications invisible. The Nova Launcher app drawer lets you organize your apps according to category.

You can zoom in on specific apps to see more details about them. It also helps you drag apps into the right position without causing uneven spacing.


The Nova Launcher APK for Android provides a variety of customizability options for the widgets that appear on your home screen.

By long-pressing the home screen, you can add or remove widgets from the interface. You can also customize the appearance of the app with the Nova Launcher’s customizability options.

This launcher also makes it easy to organize the settings menu. Widgets are available for the home screen, notification bar, and search bar.

The Nova Launcher APK for Android features widget options that group your widgets by apps and can loop through the desktop and drawer indefinitely.

Another useful feature of this launcher is its Backup/Restore feature, which allows you to backup the settings and Desktop layout.

The Nova Launcher APK for Android includes grouping widgets by application, allowing you to set multiple docks and more. Another advantage of the Nova Launcher is that it keeps animations smoother and your device runs faster.

Ability to hide apps

With Nova Launcher APK for Android, hiding apps on your phone is now easier than ever. Simply long-press an app you don’t want to see and a context menu will appear.

Then, select “Edit.” Scroll down and tap “Hide apps” in the Drawer Groups section. Nova Launcher will no longer display that app on your phone’s application drawer, but you can still access it via Android Settings.

While using Nova Launcher APK for Android, you can also choose to use an alternative app launcher.

Action Launcher, which is a complete tool, features a hide-app option. Similar to Nova Launcher, you must long-touch an app to hide it and then choose the “Edit” option from the contextual menu. Once you have hidden the app, simply tap on it to bring it back to your home screen.