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Microsoft Authenticator APK – for Android


If you’ve been using two-step authentication, you’re probably aware of Microsoft Authenticator APK. This Android app makes this process easier, especially if you have multiple accounts.

Download Microsoft Authenticator APK

This app replaces the Azure Authenticator and the Multi-Factor Authentication apps. In addition, this app supports time-based one-time passwords. But is this really a good choice? Read on to find out.

UI designed

Unlike Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator works with other stuff, not just Microsoft apps. While the UI is not as clean as Google’s, it does the same basic function – generating authentication codes for different websites and accounts.

If you frequently use Google, it’s recommended that you use the Google Authenticator app, because it’s free and has no in-app purchases. However, if you’re not a heavy Google user, Microsoft Authenticator is an excellent choice.

It isn’t just the UI that needs improvement. Google’s Authenticator app has a completely different UI than most other authenticators.

Furthermore, you can’t export or import tokens from other devices, which is a major drawback. Still, Microsoft’s new app is a welcome addition for Microsoft users, as it helps them log in to their accounts with just a few taps.

The app supports time-based one-time passwords

The Microsoft Authenticator app can be used for secure sign-ins to websites that use the TOTP standard. The app generates a six or eight-digit code that you receive on your phone every 30 seconds.

This code is used for two-factor authentication. When you use the app to sign in to websites you’re automatically authenticated.

When setting up the authentication app, you can configure which devices it works with. If you have multiple devices, you can create backup codes for each.

In addition, you can also configure the app to work with either Android or iPhone. You’ll find colorful icons for each service. Once you’re sure which devices you’ll need, you can enable MFA.

Supports cert-based authentication

The Microsoft Authenticator APK for Android supports multi-factor authentication.

This feature adds another layer of security to your account after you enter your password. It requires additional verification like notification to approve the account

Then, you’ll need to enter a One Time Password, a one-time password that you’ve been assigned by Microsoft and will expire after 30 seconds. Unlike other two-factor authentication solutions, you don’t have to memorize this number.

If you don’t want to install the official Microsoft Authenticator APK, you can download it from an emulator.

Bluestacks is the most popular emulator, but there are other options available. Many tutorials recommend installing Bluestacks.

If you encounter problems, you can search online for solutions. Then, install the software and start using it! This process should take about two minutes.

Supports multi-factor authentication

The Microsoft Authenticator APK for Android supports multiple factors of authentication, including a passwordless sign-in and password autofill. This app allows you to easily and securely manage your online accounts.

However, the app’s UI is not very appealing, and it doesn’t support backup in the cloud. Although it offers excellent security, the downside is its mediocre UI and lack of cloud backup.

The Microsoft Authenticator app supports multiple accounts, including non-Microsoft accounts. The app is free and original, so it is safe to use.

However, it’s important to note that some applications may require that you install them first.

The app has a tendency to install itself on your phone if it’s not on your phone’s internal memory, so make sure you allow unknown sources before installing it.

Supports multiple accounts

You can use the Microsoft Authenticator app to secure your sign-in to your online accounts.

The app also offers additional account management options, including password autofill. It is free and available for both Android and iOS devices.

However, if you are an Android or iOS user, you may have to first enable the installation of unknown files.

Microsoft Authenticator is available for free on Android. It doesn’t contain ads, and you won’t have to worry about security threats.

You can download the Microsoft Authenticator APK for Android today and enjoy the benefits of the added security features.