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PLDT Wifi APK Download [Latest] v1.1 – For Android


This article is about the PLDT Wifi APK. It has been designed for the Philippines and neighboring countries. It is user-friendly and responsive. And it also works best on Android operating systems and is compatible with most devices. It uses the default security protocols. This means that it does not require users to install additional security protocols or use custom ones.

PLDT WiFi APK is a network application that can be used on Android devices and is available for free. The app helps you find nearby networks and modify their passwords. It also lets you choose the default password for any network. It works for both rooted and non-rooted devices and can be installed with a single click. Once installed, it scans for PLDT WiFi networks and displays basic information, including the channel, RSSI, password, and MAC address.

To download the application, you must first enable the security option on your Android device. You can then open a web browser or go to the download manager. You can also choose to install the app directly from your mobile screen. PLDT WiFi Hacker APK is a free download and works with any Android system.

What is PLDT Wifi APK?

The PLDT WiFi Hacker APK is a simple but powerful tool that lets you hack through the PLDT network and get a fast internet connection. You can use it to watch videos, play online games, and chat with friends. It’s not an official application, but you can download it for free from any website and install it on your device easily. You just have to ensure that you have turned on the security settings on your device.

This is an amazing tool that will enable you to access the PLDT network for free. You can download it from the link below. Once you’ve downloaded it, install it on your Android device. It’s safe and doesn’t have any errors or lags.

If you want to hack any wifi network in the Philippines, you’ll need the PLDT Wifi hacker app. This application is free to download and works with almost every Android phone. Its user interface is clean and simple, and it has a one-touch function that allows you to scan for networks quickly. It’s also a stand-alone application, so you won’t need to sign up or download other apps in order to use it.


One of the most impressive features of PLDT WiFi APK is that it allows you to connect to any Wifi network in the Philippines, regardless of the provider. This hacking application is available for almost every Android device, and it has an intuitive, minimalistic interface. It’s also free to download, so there’s no need to sign up or register for the app.

  • This application is specially designed for Philippine users.
  • Now, you can easily hack the default wifi password of your neighbors.
  • Free to download and easy to use.
  • It has a simple interface.
  • Lightweight Application.
  • Working on All kinds of Android devices.


  • Works only in the PLDT modems.
  • Press on the PLDT application button and get a password.

The PLDT WiFi APK is a hacker app that lets you hack the network of the Philippine phone company. It is available for free download and works on any Android device that supports Android version 4.4 and up. It is easy to use and provides a one-touch option to scan for networks. Moreover, it does not require any other apps or software.

To download the PLDT wifi hacker application, first of all, you need to have the default password of your PLDT WiFi modem. After that, you can install it on your device.


The PLDT WiFi APK app is an application that allows you to unlock the wireless modems of PLDT wireless phone lines. With it, you can change the network password and other properties of the modem, which is essential for communicating with the network provider. It also allows you to communicate with other networks, without needing to know their password. The app is designed for Android users, and it is optimized for the smallest size and best workability. It works on all Android operating systems and is compatible with PLDT phones.

Ending Lines

Download the latest version of the APK on your phone just, click above on the provided download link. You will never get any lag or errors in this application. This application is almost safe for use don’t worry about the application. This application is the best for new modems and wifi routers. Share your reviews below in the comment section related to this application.