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Getting Over It APK [Download] for Android


Getting Over It APK is almost one of the best troll games, In this game, you can control the hero who sits in the pot of mountain. So, download the game and enjoy playing with some latest features.

Download Getting Over It APK

Getting Over It APK is a hardcore Android game. Here in this game, you are leading the protagonist throughout the game and you lead him through all the trials while going towards the target.

Instructions on how to download and install Getting Over It APK:

Just two lines upper to this paragraph we have mentioned the download link. Click here and you can download the APK.

  • Search for it on Google Chrome
  • Open website
  • Click there on the download link
  • Choose storage where you want to download this APK
  • Then it will download on your phone just a few seconds later

2 Some instructions for installation

  • Open the setting of your phone
  • Allows the Unknown sources on your phone to install it
  • So, it will install on your phone

Many of the devices making some problems while downloading or installing the APK. Just because you are not allowing your phone to download directly without your permission. So, before downloading any APK you have to first allow it in the command section of your devices.

Features of Getting Over It APK:

Let’s see some features of this game before downloading anything from Google. Firstly we are checking whether this application is useful for us or not after that. We also checked the features of the application. After completing our inspection then we click on the download link to download the APK on our phones.

These are some features of this APK

  • Lose all the progress over and over
  • Listen to all the philosophical observations about the problems at hand
  • Enjoy the game again and again
  • Climbing up a dangerous mountain with just a hammer and a pot
  • Enjoy new experiences and frustration while playing game
  • The best collection of movies and shows
  • The interface is very easy to use

So, these are the main features that you will enjoy while playing the game.

Compatible with Android devices and easy to use:

This game is compatible with Android devices. And it supports all the new versions of the Android operating system. So, you can download it free from our site. You do not need to pay any money here.

If you are interested in this and you want to play then download it free from here we have provided the download link at the start of this article. This game is totally safe to download and the interface is easy to use.


This game is heavy to download. It takes almost 115 Mbs on your phone storage. And it has a rating of 4.5 on the Google Play Store.