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Zapya APK [Latest] v6.3.2 – Download for Android

Zapya APK For Android

Besides being free and convenient, Zapya APK for Android lets you store and transfer files without requiring an internet connection. This app comes with an offline mode that allows you to use it even without a data connection.

Download Zapya APK

To download the latest version of Zapya APK for Android, you need to enable the unknown source option on your device. Afterward, you need to search for the downloaded file and install it.

The app works across multiple platforms and allows you to share files with anyone from any device. It is available in more than 20 languages and supports PC, Windows Phone, Mac, Tizen, and more.

It is easy to transfer files with Zapya. You can share files with friends, family, and colleagues without any hassle. The app also works with social networks. So, it is a must-have for any smartphone user.

Features of Zapya APK for Android:

The Zapya APK for Android allows users to transfer files from their Android devices to other devices. The app comes with built-in features to keep your data safe from prying eyes.

You can also control which files are shared with whom, and you can turn off sharing under certain conditions. You can share files with friends and family in just a click or two. You can also transfer large files with Zapya on your mobile phone.

You can send and receive files on your Android device from any other device. The transfer speed is fast and reliable – up to 10MB/s, which is 128 times faster than Bluetooth.

The Zapya app also helps you discover applications and connect to them by shaking both phones together. If your contacts do not have Zapya installed on their devices, there are a couple of ways to send files to them without a network.

This app allows users to share files on their mobile phones without the need for an internet connection. Unlike other file-sharing apps, this application is free and available for Android and iOS devices.

It will allow users to transfer and share files without using the internet. In addition to being a free app, it is also available for PC use. Once installed, Zapya can be used on any Android device and PC.

The app is free and incredibly easy to use. It can help you share and receive files from other devices and save data on your mobile. It’s ideal for mobile devices and is compatible with many different platforms.

How to Download Zapya APK?

You can easily download the Zapya APK for Android APK from the official website. You can also install the APK from a file manager on your PC. By doing this, you can access and share files between your Android and PC.

Zapya is an app that allows users to share and transfer files to and from different devices. It works much faster than Bluetooth connectivity, which can only handle small files.

The app is designed to be used as a file-sharing application and is free for both Android and iOS users. If you want to download the APK, visit the official website of Zapya. This will open the APK file and you can start using it.

Installation Process:

Unlike SHAREit, Zapya is completely free and available for download from the Google Play store. If you have an unsupported country’s version of Google Play, you can install the APK by downloading it from other mirror sites or third-party sources. You can also share the APK with your contacts.

You can also find friends on your phone by searching online. The app is great for sharing files with friends and family.

Zapya APK for Android is a peer-to-peer file-sharing application that enables users to share files with other devices, including computers. With its near-field communication support, the app is very effective for file-sharing.

With its support for all file types, Zapya is a great app to use when you need to send or receive large files. There are no limits on the size of the files you can transfer with the help of this app.