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TickTick APK [Download] for Android

TickTick on Android

How to install TickTick APK on Android is really easy. Just turn on the Unknown Source option on your phone and download the app from the official website.

Download TickTick APK

You will then need to install the app on your device. After that, open the TickTick APK and follow the instructions to install it on your device.

Then, you will be ready to use it right away. This app is great for those who love keeping track of their tasks, whether they are large or small.

To-do list

Creating your to-do list on TickTick is easy, and it also has an excellent calendar view. It organizes tasks by category and priority level and also reminds you of upcoming events.

Once you’ve set up your calendar, Tick will set up due dates and prioritize them for you, making it easy to manage your time. It even helps you create custom tasks, based on your preferences.

The app is available as an APK for both Android and iOS. This application is suitable for those who need to balance work and family life.

TickTick allows you to create your daily schedule and reminds you to complete tasks at a preset time. It works by displaying a screen similar to your phone’s calendar, and you can easily add tasks and other items to it.


TickTick APK for Android is a to-do list manager and calendar app that combines both functionalities.

It helps you organize your time and to-do list in one convenient app. The app helps you plan your day or week by letting you add tasks to your list and remembering their due dates.

It also makes it easy to create and maintain schedules on the go. It even lets you set reminders based on your schedules.

The TickTick APK for Android reminds users to plan ahead. It helps you stay organized with a new task section, and it lets you quickly input tasks.

Once completed, you can check them off without unlocking your phone. Adding a new task is as simple as tapping a button.

You can do this anywhere on your phone, including on the screen. The application even integrates with third-party calendars so you can easily see when you’ve completed a task.


If you’re a person who keeps track of important tasks on a daily basis, you will love the Calendar for TickTick APK for the Android platform.

This task management application allows you to save all of your important tasks for the next day and set reminders for them.

Similar to Notes on your Android phone, TickTick has a number of features that will make managing tasks a breeze. In fact, ticking off completed tasks is like a reward for your brain and will increase your motivation.

TickTick also provides a calendar interface so you can easily keep track of upcoming events. The calendar widget will keep you updated on your daily schedule and also allows you to integrate third-party calendars.

Additionally, you can set reminders and enter due dates, as well as add checklists to keep track of your tasks. Once you’ve downloaded the app, make sure to enable the unknown sources feature.

Sharing tasks with 29 people

TickTick is a task management app available for both Android and iOS devices.

With a calendar interface, it helps you to manage your time and tasks effectively, ensuring you don’t miss important deadlines. With its task sharing option, you can share your tasks with as many as 29 people at a time.

You can even contact the developer if you’re not satisfied with the app’s features. It’s a user-friendly application and is easy to use.

TickTick APK for Android has advanced features. You can share tasks with 29 people and assign goals to them. You can also share lists with others.

In addition, it is free and works on many platforms, including Android, Windows, macOS, and iOS. This app has over 1 million downloads and 4.6 stars in the Google Play store. It’s a great app for anyone who is working on a project.

Syncing between multiple devices

If you’re tired of the same old task manager, why not try TickTick? This task manager app is remarkably complete, with an intuitive design and personalized features.

It helps you stay focused and manage your time, keeping you on track with deadlines. TickTick can help you organize your life at work and at home.

It has a unique feature called Smart Date Parsing, which sets due dates for tasks automatically. It also supports voice input and even sets the due date automatically.

TickTick synchronizes your account across multiple devices, making it a great choice for multi-device users.

The synchronization of tasks makes tracking your progress easier, and when you switch between devices, you can easily restore any previous information.

You can also change most of the settings to suit your needs, from notifications to task highlighting. Syncing between multiple devices with TickTick APK for Android is an easy and convenient way to keep track of your work.