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Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard APK for Android

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard APK For Android

If you have a tablet or a phone with Android OS, you can download and install Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard APK for free.

Download Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard APKĀ 

While Google play warns you about downloading apps from unauthorized sources, downloading this app is a relatively simple procedure.

Download the app from the link provided below, and you will be ready to install it in a few minutes. If you’ve got any questions or issues, feel free to post them in the comments section below.

Learns your writing style

If you are tired of the same old keyboard and want something that learns your writing style, try the new Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard.

This keyboard has Artificial Intelligence to learn your writing style and provide more accurate autocorrect and predictions.

It even learns the emoji and word pairings that you prefer, making your typing experience more personalized. It supports 150+ languages, swipe-to-type, and auto-correct.

This keyboard is free and can be downloaded for Android. It uses artificial intelligence to learn your writing style, which is a real plus for speedy typing.

It also comes with hundreds of free keyboard themes, and you can even create your own. There are many ways to customize this keyboard, and you can download the app for free.

It’s also possible to use the app on your Mac. In addition to recognizing the language, you can use arrow keys to move windows around.

Requires the latest version of Microsoft SwiftKey

This week, Microsoft released an update to its SwiftKey Keyboard app for Android. Most updates to SwiftKey include bug fixes and minor feature additions.

This one, however, adds support for Android 11 – the next major Android release.

As Android 11 is still in the beta testing stage, you might be interested in trying SwiftKey before the final version is available to everyone. Below are a few reasons why you should update your keyboard app.

The most important change in this update is the addition of Emoji 12.0 support. Emoji 12.0 is a new set of emoji designs, and SwiftKey’s keyboard now supports them. The app requires Android 10 to work, but you can download it from Google Play.

The iOS version of SwiftKey is not yet rebranded to reflect Microsoft’s new branding. For iOS users, however, the update doesn’t change the keyboard’s font style, color, or appearance.