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Google Play services APK for Android

Google Play Services APK For Android

If you’re looking to download Google Play services APK for Android, you’ve come to the right place. The Play Store’s most essential behind-the-scenes functionality is handled by Google Play Services.

Download Google Play services

However, this APK has many variations that vary from hardware configuration to hardware configuration. Fortunately, XDAAPKS lists the latest release of the Google Play services APK for Android, and you can download it without worrying about the version number.


If you’ve ever wanted to install an APK for an app from Google Play, you may be wondering how to go about it.

The process isn’t hard and you can use a free APK downloader, XDAAPKS. After you download the APK,

you can choose whether to install a new app or update an existing one. When the install is complete, tap “open” to install the new version of the app.

APKs are divided into two parts: normal and split. The former is smaller and takes up less storage space and bandwidth, but it makes it difficult to share them outside the Play Store.

Split APKs also means that different versions must be installed on every phone. With XDAAPKS, you can share apps on your phone without having to download duplicate versions. It is also free to use.

If you want to install a new version of a popular app, XDAAPKS can help you. You can find APKs for free by searching the App Store and tapping the Download icon.

You’ll need to know the version of Google Play services on your device before downloading an APK. If you’re not sure what version to install, read the app’s FAQ or look for a colorful label.


The Google Play services APK for Android is an essential part of the default system of many Android devices.

Besides providing access to synchronized contacts, location services, and privacy settings, it also helps you manage Android OS updates.

This app is a background service and is updated frequently, so you may have to download the latest version to keep your device up-to-date. It also enhances the quality of other apps and services.

The download process for Google Play services APK for Android is easy. First of all, you must make sure to choose the proper Android version.

For example, Android 8.1 would require Android 8.1.0. Once you’ve downloaded the APK, you should close it to prevent further installation. Then, you can proceed to install Google Play services. If you’re having trouble installing the APK, you can consult Google’s help page.

Another important step is to install the APK in the correct order. The APK must be installed in the correct order or the Play Store will not work. If you’re using an SD card, remove it during installation and reboot afterward.

If the installation fails, it means that you’ve downloaded the wrong APK for your device. Try using the arm64-v8 architecture if your device runs on Android OS. However, if you’re using an Amazon Fire tablet, you should install the armv7a variant.


You may have heard of the AOSP Google Play services APK for the Android mobile operating system, but what does this acronym really mean? AOSP refers to an open-source platform for software applications created by Google.

It includes many of Google’s most popular products, including YouTube, the Chrome browser, and the Android Play Store.

It also contains a wide variety of under-the-hood technologies used to power Android devices, including mobile payments, voice commands, and cloud storage. Google Mobile Services is licensed separately from AOSP.

This application provides the most backend functionality of the Play Store and has several variants depending on your hardware and Android OS version.

You can download the latest version of the APK from the XDAAPKS website. To download the latest version of the APK, you must know the exact hardware and software configuration of your device.

If you’re running Android 8.1, for example, you’ll need to download the AOSP Google Play services APK for Android 8.1.0. After downloading the APK, do not open it!

If you have an arm64-v8 processor, you’ll need to install the armv7a variant of the AOSP Google Play services APK. If you have an armv7a processor,

you should use the armv7a version of the AOSP Google Play services APK. If you don’t know what the CPU architecture of your device is, go to the Device Info HW section on APKMirror and open the APK file.