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Game Killer APK Latest v4.10 – Download for Android

Game Killer APK

Game Killer APK (or Game Killer) is an Android program that uses memory altering to modify coins, gems, and other items in Android games.

Download Game Killer APK

Game killer is a powerful yet simple-to-use app that supports a large range of games and is compatible with the most recent Android versions, including Lollipop and Marshmallow.

On this site, you can download Game Killer for free and read a full step-by-step guide on how to use it.


  • From our website, you can get Game Killer.
  • It is to be installed.
  • Get started with the Game Killer. You will find a window.
  • The game killer is easily pushed and also back or minimized. The game killer icon should now be floating on your screen.
  • Open and play the game you wish to hack. Collect coins, game scores, or whatever else you wish to hack.
  • On the top, click the game killer symbol. “Input number to do exact search………” will appear. From the keyboard, enter the number of money, scores, or any other item. In the next window, touch auto-identify after pressing the search button. Enter 1000 from the bottom keyword if you have 1000 coins. Click on search.
  • If it displays many values, play the game again, collect more things, and search until only one value is displayed.
  • After it displays a single value, press it to modify it to anything you wish. If you enter 99999 now, your coins will change from 1000 to 99999, just like in the previous example.
  • Continue to hack more items in the same manner. You can experiment with fuzzy search, floating numbers, and so on. The greatest way to learn is to try things out for yourself. Simply try everything until you find what you’re looking for. It may appear difficult at first, but after little practice, it becomes second nature.


  • Find out how much a game is worth by using the exact number.
  • Search for game value with ambiguous directions, such as larger or smaller.
  • Set the value of the video game to a fixed amount.
  • Save/load the completed list.
  • During gameplay, touch the Game Killer sprite to bring up the device.
  • Unload code HEX edit
  • Bugs have been fixed, and there are a lot more So, you can enjoy them all.