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Game Keyboard APK – Download for Android

Game Keyboard APK for Android

The latest version of the Game Keyboard APK for Android devices is now available.

Download Game Keyboard APK

Go to your device’s storage or Download folder to install the latest version of Game Keyboard. Once installed, you can customize the app for various games.

This application allows you to customize the keyboard for different games. In this article, we’ll discuss how to customize it to fit your game’s preferences. But first, let’s get to know what it does.


Designed to allow gamers to use their gamepad, keyboard, and mouse to play games, Octopus is an Android game controller application that lets you map your peripherals to the touchscreen.

This app supports Xbox, PlayStation, and IPEGA game controllers, as well as Logitech and Razer gaming mouse products.

Octopus is an Android game controller app that requires the same permissions as the game itself and guarantees not to abuse any settings.

With more than 30 different games to choose from, Octopus Game Keyboard APK is perfect for gamers on the go. Connect your device to the gamepad via Bluetooth to control the game.

This app is completely free and is sure to improve your gaming experience! What’s even better, it supports all the major mobile game consoles and peripherals.

If you haven’t tried Octopus Game Keyboard APK yet, you’re missing out on the fun!

Simple Keyboard

If you’re looking for a free alternative to Google’s stock keyboard, try out the simple keyboard. It’s a free application that’s designed to make text input quick and convenient.

The app itself is quite simple, requiring no Internet connection to run. It also contains no ads or data collection, making it completely privacy-friendly.

You can download the Simple Keyboard apk for Android in versions 5.9, 5.4, 5.3, and 3.24.

While many keyboard apps are geared toward users who only use the keyboard for text input, Simple Keyboard is designed for people who need a basic keyboard.

The app is simple enough that you can enable it right from the launcher. By long pressing the “,” key, you can change your input method.

There are also some user reviews on this application. It may be worth a try, but remember that the more minimalist the keyboard is, the better.

GO Keyboard

GO Keyboard APK for Android comes with several features. It offers excellent predictive typing, multiple input options, and extra features like emojis and stickers. Furthermore, it doesn’t consume excessive data and device resources.

Despite being free, GO Keyboard is still an excellent mobile keyboard, but its features lag behind some of the big players. It does not require any root privileges and is highly customizable.

With more than 35 languages supported, the Go Keyboard supports a wide variety of emojis and stickers.

You can also type in multiple languages with varying layouts. The keyboard learns from your typing patterns and predicts the most appropriate word for the context.

The developer even promises that the keyboard will predict your words and give you relevant choices when the 2020 version arrives. The app is available on Android devices with 21 APIs.


If you’re looking for a keyboard that’s fast, powerful, and customizable, consider AnySoftKeyboard APK for Android.

This keyboard app comes with five different visual styles and tons of customization options, including gesture shortcuts and specialized dictionaries.

No matter what your keyboard needs are, you’re sure to find something that’s perfect for you.

AnySoftKeyboard has a ton of useful features, including predictive input, logic symbols, and direct access to common punctuation characters.

The keyboard app is incredibly versatile, too, and its APK file is small enough to fit on any Android device without taking up a lot of memory. It also offers a safe way to avoid restrictions such as Google’s.

With its APK file, users can choose the language layout that they’re most comfortable with and get right to typing.

Octopus +

The best part of Octopus is its extensive functionality. Not only can you control the gamepad with the keyboard, but you can also customize the keys to make your experience more fun and convenient.

The application provides over 20 different details that let you customize the keys. You can change the key mapping for the open/bag button, for example.

You can even edit videos with its editor. And because it is free to download, there are no ads to distract you.

The app is compatible with most Android devices. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to use, and it supports all the peripherals that you would use to play PC games.

You can also use your phone’s keyboard to control applications that don’t support gamepads or mice.

This app is designed for Android devices and is completely free. So, if you’re tired of using the keyboard and mouse for your mobile gaming experience, try this app today.