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FB Lite APK [Download] for Android

FB Lite APK for Android

FB Lite APK is theĀ  little version of facebook. If you are a regular facebook user and you want little change or alternate APK instead of using official facebook then FB Lite APK is the best option for you. Go and downlaod this great APK for your phones.

Download FB Lite APKĀ 

First of all you have to know that, what is FB Lite APK and how it is working. So this APK is just like the official facebook but their are many differences between the official facebook and this APK it’s working just similar to the official facebook we will discuss briefly about this APK.

Features of FB Lite APK:

Just earlier we have discussed about FB Lite APK that this APK is alternate to official facebook but Fb Lite APK gives many new features as compared to the official one. Check some features of this APK

  • It requires only 1.6 MB storage of your phone
  • Messenger is available here you can send or receive messages instead of downlaoding messenger separately
  • You can use this APK with low and slow data
  • It works very smoothly with any Android phone
  • You can read the latest updates
  • subscribe the news, sports team, and other pages

Compatible with Android devices:

This APK is compatible with the new and latest versions of the Android operating system. iOS users and other device users can download it from their phone store. But here it is available and compatible with Android devices.

If you are a Android device user then you can download it for your phone. It donot requires a lot of space like the official facebook one. If you are running low of storage then there is no problem. Because it just requires only 1.6 MB storage of your phone.

Instructions on how to download and install the APK:

If you are using the official facebook and you donot have more space to download messenger then their is only one APK where you can also use messenger, So if you are searching for such type of APK then donot waste your time and click on the download link.

  • Search for it through Google
  • Click on the downlaod link
  • Accept all the terms and conditions
  • Few minutes later it will be downloaded on your phone
  • Open the setting of your phone
  • Allow the unknown sources
  • Then it will be installed on your phone

It’s free and easy to use:

This app is free to download and it has developed by official facebook. And it is available in social category on Google Play Store with the rating of 12+ this APK is very easy and safe to use there is no problem with this APK you can use this APK without any fear.

Because it works with slow data you can easily use this APK when ever your internet connection get slow or also it works with low data. You can download this APK free from Google Play Store.


This APK is free to downlaod and easy to use with many features as compared to official facebook. You can considered this APK is just alternate to official one. The name of this APK is fb lite just like the name this APK is totally lite to downlaod in your phone and lite to use.