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FB Auto Liker APK Latest v5.90 – Download for Android

FB Auto Liker APK

If you want to boost your Facebook posts by more likers, FB Auto Liker APK is the tool you are looking for! APK Automotive is a method to enhance the commitment of your media channels on social media.

Download FB Auto Liker APK

With this tool, you can quickly boost the number of people who like, respond to, and comment on your posts! This program increases your account traffic immediately.

The APK is one of Android’s most easy, free, and spam-free applications. It will, however, allow a bigger number of people to participate.

If everybody spends time and is interested in your content. That a person reacted to your picture or post. Some of them show curiosity in this scenario and offer you their thumbs.

In addition, in the appearance of likes, you sense respect for other individuals. This and other characteristics of this APK are not a great thing to perform.


  • The FB Auto Liker APK may be downloaded and used free of charge.
  • You may use this tool not only to increase the number of people you like but also to increase your number of people.
  • There are no tough steps to journey through because it is a single-click app.
  • The user interface is clear, and the program may even be used by the most unapproved users.
  • The program is simple to use and customizable.
  • Most of the software allows you to increase the number of people that enjoy it and respond to your photographs! Yes! The program works not only with postings but also with pictures.
  • Auto Liker APK is a completely safe and reliable application. You may be confident that your personal information and privacy will be kept private.
  • Auto Liker APK is fully secure and dependable. You may rely on privacy and privacy to keep your personal information.
  •  The Auto Liker APK is accessible to users from throughout the world, enabling them to enjoy the features of the program in English for every nation.
  • Now you can use Auto Liker APK for your page and your likers too!
  • This APK is not exclusive to one country. That means that you receive your likes in a couple of seconds from persons across the world.
  •  Auto Liker APK’s finest element is that it never keeps your information. The app saves only cookies from the device you are using to log in (including only basic information like your name and email address).
  • Auto Liker APK is a powerful program. You will almost immediately acquire likes and likers in your posts and pictures!

Installing FB Auto Liker APK on Smartphone

1. The FB Auto Liker APK is now available in its most recent version.

2. To start the installation, open the downloaded APK.

3. The “Blocked Install” notice appears. Select ‘Unknown Sources’ on the ‘Settings’ tab for this warning.

4. Select “Unknown Sources” from the drop-down box. You will be taken to the installation page after enabling the Unknown Sources option.

5. Finally place it in a location.

Using FB Auto Liker APK

  • Open it on your smartphone when it has been successfully installed.
  • Now, join up using your Facebook ID and choose and upload your finest photo to get more likes.

How can I install the FB Auto Liker APK on my computer?

You can certainly do it. Download your emulator, and the FB Auto Liker APK, and then use the emulator to install FB Auto Liker APK.

FB Auto Liker is an Android file, and hence you need an Android emulator in order to install FB Liker APK.

1. Use an Android emulator such as BlueStacks or Nox Player to start the APK file to install FB Auto Liker APK on your PC.

2. Open and install Nox or BlueStacks on your Windows PC, then the emulator.

3. Launch the installation procedure of Facebook Auto Liker APK.

5. Your FB Auto Liker APK program can make hundreds of likes manually.

Remember FB Auto Liker APK Instructions:

  • Verify that you are at least 18 years old to proceed further.
  • Public confidentiality of photographs.
  • Change everybody’s follower choice as well.

Follow this and apply all your settings accordingly after reading all the preceding instructions. Wait a few of minutes now and obtain results. We hope that you will get results based on your demands. So, offer us feedback and share your ideas about the FB Auto Liker App.

  1. You will see the Facebook interface when you launch this program.
  2. Look at the photo you want (usually like you do on conventional Facebook).
  3. The notification key (placed at the bottom of the screen) will turn GREEN if the photo confidentiality is public and anybody can like the photograph.


The APK offers great service. It is 100% efficient and generates real results and answers from current Facebook accounts.

For a limited amount of time, other bots like generator bots will provide you with specific likings. After a week, your favorites started diminishing and you did not get anything at all.

After a long period of difficulty, you encounter such trials. It is harder to try another application. You will not ever send bogus profiles to spam to likers.

More Auto-Liker apps are accessible on Facebook. You guarantee you can offer many things. The key thing to remember is to use the app to generate greater traffic on your posts.