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Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu APK Latest v1.4 – Download for Android

Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu APK: ارتغرل غازی اردو

Ertugrul Ghazi is a well-known Urdu App developed by a Pakistani company called Ertugrul Appak. The app is a translation and learning tool for iPhone and Android devices. However, it also supports Windows mobile devices.

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It was developed by the Pakistani firm Acacia Software to manage and maintain the Urdu language. The company claims that it can help improve English fluency in Pakistani as well as Indian languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, and Kannada.

The company’s mission is to translate texts from the English language into the local language. According to their website, Ertugrul Ghazi translates English text into Ghazi (medium) code.


The main features of the Ertugrul Ghazi app are a dictionary, practice module, translators, glossary, and audio player. The dictionary of the app carries over thousands of definitions.

There are also many synonyms and translators. The latest version of this app provides the option to choose between 25 languages.

The other sections of the app are the practice module and translators. The words and phrases are translated into the target language in accordance with the rules used in the language.

The glossary and audio player helps the user learn the new language easily. The dictionary has the largest collection of words and proper conjugation.


English words are translated directly from the source language to the target language. They are presented phonetically. A grammar check is available to check the correctness of the translations.

The program offers tests on reading, writing, and grammar. There are various modes of learning such as reading, listening, and speaking.

You can buy the Ertugrul Ghani iPhone app in the Apple store or you can download it for free through Amazon. To download you need to enter your username and password.

Once you have logged into the app you can start downloading and enjoying your language lessons.

The language courses offered by Ertugrul are easy to follow and they are very comprehensive. They offer a complete course on the basic level and it also covers the intermediate and advanced levels.

The next step is to go for the mastering levels. In the master, you can decide which vocabulary you want to learn and the usage of the new vocabulary. In addition to that, in this stage, you will learn about the verb, tense, and different tenses.

Advanced Level:

The advanced level is very comprehensive and it covers all the aspects of the language such as grammar, punctuation, and word formation.

It is one of the most comprehensive languages and covers all the aspects of reading and writing. You will also get to know about the different cultural concepts.

Once you finish with the intermediate or the advanced level, you are now ready to learn the business language. The last part of the course is focused on business communication skills.

Some people may feel that the Ertugrul Ghazi language course is too difficult to understand. However, most of the experts provide clear and understandable audio and video tutorials so that the learner can easily comprehend the language.

Besides learning the language, the Ertugrul Ghani cultural program also helps you to socialize with native speakers.

This cultural exchange provides great opportunities for the learner to learn and absorb the local culture in a more effective manner. The Ertugrul language also plays a crucial role in building stronger connections within the organization.

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