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Easy Touch APK [Download] for Android

Easy Touch APK For Android

One of the best ways to make your smartphone more responsive is to download the Easy touch APK for Android.

Download Easy touch APK

The app enables you to switch on or off everyday functions with just a single swipe, including screen brightness, volume, and silence.

Easy Touch APK is free and safe to use:

You can also change your device’s screen lock and WiFi settings using one swipe. Even switching between WiFi and Bluetooth is easy. Just a single tap is all it takes to activate or deactivate the app.

As an additional feature, Easy Touch allows you to create a custom floating panel on your home screen with shortcuts to the most common apps and settings. For example, you can use this panel to turn on WiFi or turn off Bluetooth. To make it even easier, you can configure gesture shortcuts.

The application will make your Android experience more convenient, allowing you to associate different gestures with specific apps. The customizable dock will allow you to switch between various applications without re-entering the home screen.

EasyTouch is an easy tool to use on Android devices. It offers a floating panel that allows you to access applications and settings with a few taps. It has a quick toggle for turning on or off WiFi and Bluetooth. In addition, you can customize the app’s shortcuts and configure gesture shortcuts.

Features of Easy Touch APK:

These features make Android more convenient and efficient. With the dock, you can easily access important settings. You can also lock or unlock your screen.

Easy touch supports screen recording. It features a floating button that you can tap on the top of your screen. If you want to capture screenshots, simply click on the button to capture them. You can crop the screenshots and share them via social media and email.

You can even delete them if you’re done with them. The screenshots are easy to edit and share on other platforms. You can also take a screenshot of the entire screen with one click.

Assistive Touch is a free and effective way to record videos and screenshots. It can also mimic the features of the iPhone and Android smartphones. With its fast, smooth, and free interface, it’s a great tool for Android phones.

You can even control your phone from your computer, while you use your fingers to operate it. You can use your finger to move the floating button to the left or right, or hold it with your thumb and forefinger.

An easy touch is a useful tool for Android users. It allows users to customize their smartphone’s OS by changing icons and changing the colors. Its fast-access button is a floating button that you can touch with your fingertips,

Allowing you to navigate different functions without launching an application. This feature allows users to use the same gestures to control multiple apps on their Android phones. The app also helps in reducing eye strain in low light and minimizes blue light.

Compatible with Android devices & some benefits of Easy Touch APK:

The Easy touch APK for Android can also make your phone more customized. It can help you set up shortcuts that let you customize your phone. Its screen recorder lets you record video content while speaking into a microphone.

It saves battery on AMOLED and OLED screens. Its dark mode can minimize blue light and reduce eye strain. The easy touch APK is available for free from the Google Play store.

Easy touch APK for Android is a powerful tool that makes it easier to navigate your smartphone. The app shows a floating panel on your screen, allowing you to quickly access your favorite applications and settings.

It also provides a smart clean function that lets you clear background apps from your phone. It is a free application and is available for all Android devices. Aside from its amazing features, Easy touch APK for an Android device has many advantages.

Assistive touch is a powerful tool for Android devices. It creates a floating panel on the screen and lets you easily access apps, games, settings, and other applications and also has a smart clean function that helps you clean your phone’s memory.

It also protects physical buttons and prevents them from becoming damaged. The APK is available free for download and free of charge. This application requires Android 4.4 or higher to run.