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Easy Taxi, a Cabify app APK for Android

Easy Taxi APK for Android

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Easy Taxi APK for Android. We’ll talk about its free Maps and Navigation features and how it connects riders and drivers.

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Easy Taxi also offers various services for moving around the city, including surcharges in high-demand times.

Let’s also see how it differs from other similar applications in the market. After all, the name itself implies that it connects people.

Easy Taxi is a free Maps & Navigation app

The Cabify application, Easy Taxi APK, is a popular Maps & Navigation app available for Android.

With a rating of 4.2 stars and over 10 million downloads, Easy Taxi is one of the most popular taxi apps for Android. While most apps are designed to be used on a mobile device, this application also works on a PC. Installing the app on your PC will require an Android emulator.

This app offers an easy way to hail a cab by recognizing your GPS location. This feature works in a wide range of cities across North America, Central America, and South America.

You can even store your credit card information for future use. Unlike some other taxi apps, Easy Taxi APK is free to download and has a great feature set to offer. It also offers a graphical map that makes navigating easier.

It connects riders with drivers

The concept of a mobile app connecting riders and drivers came up at Startup Weekend RIO 2011 and was eventually picked up by the IBM-backed SmartCamp conference.

With the help of a $10 million round of funding, Easy Taxi APK is planning to expand to the African continent.

Moreover, the company is targeting emerging markets where transportation systems are a mess and riders need to commute more easily. Hence, Easy Taxi APK aims to be the next Uber.

The company’s technology enables users to book a taxi via the app and track the car in real-time. Regardless of the city, the app will work at any partner taxi location.

Easy Taxi APK was founded in Brazil in 2011 and now it is expanded worldwide and serves 400 plus cities in the world

It has reached 17 million registered users worldwide and is connected to 400,000+ drivers. Its user-friendly interface is the key to a successful ride-hailing service.

It offers various services to move through the city

While ridesharing apps like Uber have been taking over the on-demand transportation industry, companies like Easy Taxi APK are bridging the gap between the traditional taxi industry and modern consumer behavior.

The two companies are now part of a new venture called Cabify, which is Uber’s main competitor in Latin America and Iberia. But, while both companies offer services that are similar to Uber, some users still prefer a more traditional taxi.

Unlike Uber, Easy Taxi APK matches passengers with regular drivers who have a lot of experience driving in the city.

While many taxi services offer higher-priced cabs these drivers may not be the safest or most reliable. Remember one thing Easy Taxi focuses more on safety than convenience, so you can rest assured that you’ll be safe in their hands.

It has surcharges during high demand

While the surcharges are not regulated by the government also it is easy to see how a taxi service may increase its prices during high-demand periods.

For example, the surcharges for Congested Area and Peak Hour taxi rides may be higher than those for other times of the day.

Moreover, these surcharges are not a problem when compared to the fares charged by other ride-hailing services. Although these charges are relatively small, they can lead to higher fares for travelers.

For this reason, these ride-hailing services are pushing regulators for change. In addition, the surcharges for gas may become more widespread in the future.